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The End of an Era is the third studio album by Iggy Azalea, released by Bad Dreams Records with distribution handled by Empire on August 13, 2021[1]. Azalea stated that the album features a "beach" or "yacht" type of sound.


After the release of her fifth extended play Wicked Lips, Azalea announced that she would be working on her new studio album. She has announced she had been at the studio and photos have been shown of her recording new music. [2] [3]

On the project's concept, Azalea stated that its title refers to the end of her 20s and what happened in the last decade in her life[4]. She confirmed her decision of going on hiatus from music after releasing The End of an Era to focus on other ventures.[5]

The rapper has announced she has merch upcoming and she has been transparent about promoting and speaking to radios. [6]

Azalea has shown snippets of different songs and lyrics to social media as well as titles such as "I Am The Strip Club" which was announced by Iggy through a snippet from her Instagram stories. [7] [8] Iggy also announced "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" through Twitter with a snippet. [9] [10]

"Not My Favorite" was announced through a livestream from her Instagram. [11] She also announced "3 Day Miami" with a snippet on Instagram [12] as well as announcing she wrote a song about "Posh Spice". [13] She also shared a story on Instagram with a snippet of the song. [14]

On August 3, Azalea revealed, via Instagram, the album's standard artwork and announced that it would be released on August 13, 2021. She also stated, replying to a fan in the comments, that a deluxe version is also scheduled to be released, along with its own artwork, most likely at the same time than the standard edition.[1]

Azalea also shared that the standard version of the album is set to include 14 songs, while the deluxe will feature 17[15], and that there will be CDs for both editions.[16]

On September 17, the deluxe version was released, being made available for pre-save on digital platforms three days before.


"Dance Like Nobody's Watching", featuring Tinashe, was released on August 21, 2020 as the originally intended lead single for the album, but was scrapped due to its under-performance.

The official lead single "Sip It" with Tyga was released on April 2, 2021, along with its music video, which caused controversy, with Azalea rightfully calling out YouTube for not promoting the video. The song was omitted from the standard track listing, but is expected to be featured in the deluxe edition, yet to be released. "Brazil" was also released as a promotional single on the same day.

"I Am the Stripclub" was released on July 2, 2021 as the second single for the album.

"Sex on the Beach", featuring Sophia Scott, was released as the promotional single on August 5, 2021 along with the album's pre-order.

Track listing[]

Credits taken from the CD booklet liner notes.

Standard edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Sirens" Amethyst Kelly • Arthur Lee Putman, Jr. • Shelton Scales, Jr. • Bobby D. Session, Jr. AJ Ruined My Record • Jay Scalez 2:55
2. "Brazil" Kelly • Putman • Scales • Session AJ Ruined My Record • Jay Scalez 3:09
3. "Pillow Fight" Kelly • Putman • Scales • Session • Alexander Guy Cook • Charlotte Aitchison • Elizabeth Harris • J. Smith • S. Norris • D. Richardson AJ Ruined My Record • Jay Scalez 2:47
4. "Emo Club Anthem" Kelly • Scales • Session Jay Scalez 2:50
5. "STFU" Kelly • Putman • Session • Lily Allen • A. Williams • L. Reeves AJ Ruined My Record 2:31
6. "I Am the Stripclub" Kelly • Session • Anthony White J. White Did It 2:48
7. "Nights Like This" Kelly • Session • Carl Falk • Drew Gavin Carl Falk 2:33
8. "Woke Up (Diamonds)" Kelly • Putman • Scales • Session • M. Gasque • Tedra Wilson AJ Ruined My Record • Jay Scalez 2:41
9. "Is That Right" (featuring BIA) Kelly • Bianca Landrau • Session • Putman • Young Forever Young Forever Beats • AJ Ruined My Record 2:50
10. "XXXTRA" Kelly • Putman • Session AJ Ruined My Record 3:03
11. "Peach Body" Kelly • Leon Flowers • Keanu Torres • Armando Shala • Session • Michael Stevenson Keanu Beats • Pliznaya • Lil'A Beats 3:08
12. "Sex on the Beach" (featuring Sophia Scott) Kelly • Scales • Session • Sophia Scott Jay Scalez 3:01
13. "Good Times with Bad People" Kelly • Josh Parker • Terence Williams • Rickey Carly • Session • Nick Bremer OG Parker 2:25
14. "Day 3 In Miami (End of an Era)" (featuring Ellise) Kelly • Putman • Session • Scott The 87's 2:46
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
15. "N.Y.E." (featuring Alice Chater) Kelly • Kelsey Klingensmith • Putman • Scales • Session AJ Ruined My Record • Jay Scalez 3:32
16. "Sip It" (featuring Tyga) Kelly • Joshua Parker • Samuel Jimenez • Stevenson Smash David • OG Parker 3:15
17. "Posh Spice" Kelly • Michael McNamara • Jordan Baum • Session The 87's 2:28


  • "Pillow Fight" contains sampled elements from "Lipgloss", as performed by Charli XCX featuring CupcakKe and written by Charlotte Aitchison, Alexander Guy Cook and Elizabeth Harris (2017). It also contains sampled elements from "What You Gonna Do", as performed by Lil Jon and The East Side Boys, and written by J. Smith, S. Norris and D. Richardson.
  • "STFU" contains sampled elements from "Roll the Dice", as performed by Shy FX featuring Stamina MC and Lily Allen, and written by Allen, A. Williams and L. Reeves.
  • "I Am the Stripclub" is stylised as "Iam the Stripclub".
  • "Woke Up (Diamonds)" contains recorded elements from "Diamonds", as performed by TT The Artist and written by M. Gasque and T. Wilson.
  • In the CD format, the length of "XXXTRA" is 2:26. The only difference is that the outro was shortened.
  • "N.Y.E." was originally track number 7 in the standard edition, but it was ultimately replaced by "Nights Like This", leaving "N.Y.E." as a deluxe edition bonus track.[17]

Scrapped tracks[]