Iggy Alert is a skit that was formerly supposed to be it's own song on Iggy Azalea's second studio album, Digital Distortion. It was later adapted to be the bridge of the song, "Middle Man".

The hosting song, Middle Man, was leaked in it's entirety on May 31, 2017 by Iggy Azalea herself after a feud with her label, Def Jam Recordings Inc. 


Iggy Alert is a voice recording of Iggy Azalea's friends in the studio impersonating radio reporters and Iggy Azalea's longtime enemy, Azealia Banks, who seems to be talking "shit" about Iggy and her styles, saying "I'm tired of listening to her on the radio all the time."


[Reporter 1]
It's not real rap, rap, like, that's the pop shit, you gotta do some like corny shit

[Azealia Banks]
I'm tired of listening to her on the radio like all the time, unfortunately, my kids love her though

[Reporter 2]
Ayy, where the fuck did she learn to talk like that? Is she taking an Ebonics class?

[Azealia Banks]
You're Australian, but you're like a white rapper, like you can rap but...