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"Iam The Stripclub" is a song by Iggy Azalea, released as the second single from her third studio album The End of an Era on July 2, 2021.


The song was teased on Azalea's Instagram stories. [1] Iggy also announced the name of the song on Twitter on the 8th of August 2020. She later deleted this tweet, but a screenshot was taken by Genius. [2]

Lyrics (Snippet)[]

[Verse 1?]

I woke up like a bad ass bitch

Pretty face with some perfect tits

Called my job told ‘em suck my dick

Send my check I’m not clocking in

Dick magnet, who’s askin'?

Big Birkin, put cash in

Hold my bag I’m ‘bout to get ratchet

Get ghost and twerk on a phantom

Like when girls come back from vacation

Brand new ass she used to get payments

Use her mouth for more than just statements

She wanna be rich she don't wanna be famous

Run it back, yeah let’s do it go[...] [Pre-Chorus]

Don’t want your love

Don’t want your problems

Just need all of, all of the dollars

I do the lap dance I ride the pole up [Chorus]

I am the, the strip club

I am the, the strip club

I am the, the strip club

I am the, the strip club

Don't wait for the night time (No)

We can get dirty in the daylight (Go)

Watch sweat drip from my waist line (Oh)

Four shots deep it's playtime [Verse 2?]

[...] Hand stand big bags, big cash

Get a hundred car fast don't crash

If you ain't ready don't ask

Talk a big game but I know you won't last

Keep the dollars on me

Designer only

Man start trippin' I'ma find a homie

Sway and you whine trynna' ride the pony

Face gets exposed you can't hide the phoney

You know, top of the line bitch, numero uno

New coup, two door, too hot, Pluto trippin’

Said he wanna kick it like [...]

(These lyrics were heard in the snippet in references) [3]