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"COOKIE" is an upcoming collaboration between rappers BIA and Iggy Azalea included on the Deluxe Version of BIA’s sophomore EP due to be released October 22, 2021


Rumours about a possible collaboration between the two spread around December, 2020 when BIA tweeted that she wanted Iggy on the official Remix of her hit song “COVER GIRL”. The Remix never came to fruition though due to Iggy’s tight schedule while finishing her third studio album instead the two decided on a new song for the Deluxe repackaging of the EP. The song was first teased by Iggy on Twitter on March 24, 2021.


[Verse: Iggy]

Tried to go between my legs

You look and see a rainbow

Super hero? You can’t save me

I won’t even save ya number

I’m in here with BIA

Be a threesome if ya wanna

[Chorus: BIA]

I like Pucci

Its different, it's not Gucci

This that vintage that Christian Dior two piece

Heard these...