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Calm Down, also known as Typo is a song from Iggy Azalea's second studio album, Digital Distortion.

A snippet was posted on Iggy's Snapchat on May 27, 2017.


On May 27, 2017 Iggy released a snippet of the song on her Snapchat and captioned it "#TYPO"[1]


[Verse ?]
Why you so pressed, get lil baby to a therapist!
Aye, I do it, I do it, I do it
I said it, I'm in it, I'll prove it
Big dealing, gotta recruit them
Keep winning til you feel stupid

Show if dope Iggy great, TYPO
Bring around the Rosie, you don't even know me
Ashes, ashes, these bitches phoney

[Verse ?]
I care 'bout nothing but my bitches and my dawgs
'Cause as soon as they all talk, my Azaleans'll talk
Save your 4-1-1, it's a 9-1-1
I still count for [??], everything I've ever done
No reply from me (Hey)
[??] hope you have fun